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Client Resolution Representation Checklist

Documents needed to get you on the fast track to resolving your tax debt. Our flat fee is $4500 federal only

  1. Bank Statements- last three months
  2. Retirement Accounts
  3. Investment Accounts
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Real Estate
    1. Statement of Value (Zillow, etc.)
    2. Recent Mortgage Statement showing loan balance and monthly payment
  6. Automotives
    1. Statement of value (Kelly Blue Book)
    2. Current lease or loan statement showing outstanding balance and monthly payment amount
  7. Collectables, Artwork, etc.-- statement of values n collectibles that can be used to pay the tax debt
  8. Proof of income
    1. Profit and loss
    2. Paystubs
    3. SSA-statement
  9. Utility Bills- last 3 months (get proof of payments or highlight in the bank statements0
  10. Proof of alimony (Divorce Agreement or Decree)
  11. Proof child support (Divorce Agreement or Decree)
  12. Proof of dependent care expenses (get proof of payments or highlight in bank statements)
  13. Proof of judgements and payments to creditors



Items marked with * are required
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